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About Solar Energy

About Solar Energy

Solar energy, as the name suggests, comes from the sun and is a clean, renewable source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, sunlight is an inexhaustible resource! Sunlight emits no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases and pollutants, nor does it add unwanted noise to the environment.

Solar panels absorb heat and radiant energy from the sun and convert it to other forms of energy, such as electricity. Solar power can be used to heat air and water, generate electricity, and can even be used for solar cookers and solar-powered vehicles. Smaller gadgets such as calculators, solar watches and solar charging phones also benefit from the ever-available and free light of the sun. Homes heated with solar energy can use up to 75% of the solar power that shines on walls and windows.

Solar photovoltaic systems can be installed on roofs or on the ground, and will still generate energy on cloudy days or during the winter months when sunlight is less strong (smart technologies can adjust the angle of the panels for maximum absorption). Usually a southern exposure is the optimal placement for panels. The resulting AC current can be connected to the electric utility meter and grid, although stand- alone systems also exist.

Installation of a solar system requires the roof to be evaluated and prepped for the solar panels. Sunaxy™ partners with roofers who have provided reliable, quality service for decades. They check the roof, install a waterproof silicon cover over the existing roof, and construct a base for the solar panels. Our roofers guarantee their work for 20 years, and our customers love the beautiful look of the finished product.


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