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Sunaxy™ Corporation is a solar development and finance company that helps residential and commercial customers adopt solar power and other alternate energies, creating cheaper and more environmentally responsible solutions for heating, cooling, and electrical power. We are a full service provider currently servicing customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, helping them make the switch to solar from A to Z.

Our management team brings a wealth of solar expertise to the table, forging strategic partnerships to craft the energy solutions that best meet the needs of each project.We use top providers from the fields of engineering, procurement and construction, solar equipment manufacturing, energy management, legal consulting services, co-development, finance and investment to make sure our customers receive the best in products, workmanship and financial assistance.

Sunaxy™ believes in the necessity of implementing renewable, non-polluting, low-cost alternative energy systems so the modern world can continue to function in a clean, sustainable way. We’re invested in a healthy future for our planet, and hope to create a future free of competition for dwindling natural resources. We’re also committed to alternative energy as a way to bring power to under served areas, so that people in remote or impoverished places can enjoy the same technological benefits as people in the First World.